We make one-of-a-kind, small-batch jewelry that uses timeless techniques with forward-thinking designs. We are dedicated to supporting underrepresented and local artisans and believe that you don’t have to sacrifice beauty for good. Investing in artisanal jobs is the best way to keep traditions alive and support communities on the path to economic self-sufficiency. 


Meet the Founder: Laila Jewayni

Since I was a child I remember going on annual trips to India, the realities of inequality and poverty hit me harder each time. I remember at 10 years old seeing children my age, in tattered clothes, holding their baby siblings on their hips, begging me (a 10-year-old) for money. The stark contrast between their life and my life couldn't be ignored.


Because of these experiences, I knew from a young age that I wanted to do something to help reduce inequality and poverty in the world. This drive led me to a career in humanitarian work for almost a decade. Each job confirmed that to break negative cycles, communities needed money and economic empowerment more than anything.

Prior to starting Äyna, I worked in refugee resettlement and international development spanning over 13 countries and 2 continents. Through this work, I realized that the biggest barrier to success for most people was economic self-sufficiency.


Every country that I visited, when digging down to the route of the health, social, and political issues - financial instability was consistently there. Many households around the world struggle with generating stable revenue to pay for basic expenses, and yet, so many have incredible talents that are simply going unnoticed by the world. Seeing that this was the missing link, I decided to focus my personal efforts here. 

I launched Äyna Jewelry because I wanted to start a meaningful social impact business that supported marginalized people on the road to economic independence. Äyna means “mirror” in Farsi and that’s exactly what this brand is— a mirror of what I value in the world, empowerment, integrity, and beauty.

Ayna Jewelry Founder & Designer
Jewelry Design

Our Design Process

Each Äyna piece is handcrafted to precision. Designs are unique, bold and influenced by timeless jewelry from all over the world.


We craft our beautiful pieces using a mixture of traditional and modern metalsmithing techniques.