We are dedicated to working with low-income and underrepresented artisans to make one-of-a-kind, small batch jewelry that uses timeless techniques with forward thinking designs.  We believe that you don’t have to sacrifice beauty for good and that investing in dignified jobs is the best way to help emerging markets, and the people in them, succeed.


Meet the Founder: Laila Jewayni

Laila is a passionate entrepreneur, metalsmith and jewelry designer. Spending the majority of her adult life living abroad in France, Costa Rica, Kenya and Senegal, inspired her to give back some of what she has received from the global community. 


Prior to starting Äyna, Laila spent 8 years working in refugee resettlement and international development. Through this work, Laila realized that the biggest challenge worldwide for a population to succeed was gainful employment. In every country that she visited, when digging down to the route of the health, social and political issues - employment was consistently there. Many households around the world struggle with generating a stable revenue to pay for simple expenses such as a healthcare, school or rent. Seeing that this was the missing link in development, Laila decided to focus her personal efforts here. 

After returning to the U.S. from Kenya in 2015, Laila knew that she wanted to start a meaningful business. In 2018, Äyna was born out of a desire to merge her two passions - metalwork and social impact.


Through this initiative, Laila hopes to provide low-income artisans with the job opportunities that they need for long-term success.

Abigail Carlson, Marketing & Business Manager

From the Congo to France, England, and the United States, Abigail brings a truly global perspective to the Äyna team. She is passionate about engaging audiences cross-culturally to achieve a common goal.


While working in the field of international development in Washington D.C., she began to realize the incredible value of business as a tool to lift people out of poverty and found herself increasingly drawn to social enterprises as a way of doing so.

In her role as marketing and business development manager, Abigail blends a strategic and creative mind to oversee Äyna's creative content direction and build relationships with key stakeholders to grow the venture.


Our Design Process

Each Äyna piece is handcrafted to precision. Designs are unique, bold and influenced by timeless jewelry from all over the world.


We work with local artisans to craft our beautiful pieces using a mixture of traditional and modern metalsmithing techniques. 


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