Making jewelry is therapeutic. It's a meditation in its own way. It's healing and empowering all at once. There's something about creating jewelry that connects us to our innate ability to create and heal. Making something as long-lasting as jewelry gives you a sense of importance and confidence unlike anything else.

Laila Jewayni, Founder & Designer

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Every piece that we create is proudly handcrafted by our artisans. We want every customer to have the joy of receiving a beautiful, timeless and durable product made from real silver. You won’t be disappointed.



Äyna’s goal is to empower our artisans and, with your help, provide the resources needed for them to be successful entrepreneurs and take their business to the next level!



Through our pieces we aim to give you jewelry that you can feel connected to and can be proud of. We LOVE learning from and exchanging ideas with our artisans so whether in DC, Senegal or elsewhere in the future, we will share our learnings through the evolution of our work.


Our Artisans

Artisans are trained in jewelry techniques that result in beautiful, quality jewelry that are handcrafted to precision. 

Our artisans are from different parts of the world and have differing techniques and styles based on where they come from. We are very proud to create this unique space so that our skilled artisans can share their talents with the world.